Are you even required to wake up in the morning?

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GeneralWhat's your morning routine?Posted:

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What's a typical morning for fellow users?

Monday-Friday it's wake up go for either a run or go to the gym. Work on writing music before heading into work for the day.

Sat-Sunday typically sleep in, Depending on what's planned.

What's everyone else do in the morning?'

Or are you blessed with working nights. or have the ability to sleep till whenever...if so what's your routine after actually waking up?

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M-F after I wake up I usually stretch, shower eat and head out the door at 6am.

But on weekends I usually tend to sleep in like 8 am or so and then shower and head out for errands. (Teeth brushed of course )
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Monday-Friday wake up around 3 am, eat, shower, go to work.
Saturday-Sunday wake up around 5 am, eat, shower, spend the day with family and friends get back home around 8 pm play some Rocket league and smoke and vibe.
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Wake up around 6:30
brush teeth, shower, eat breakfast
get ready for work
leave house around 7
head to the construction site
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M-F I wake up at 6-7am and head to 8 am training. Then I shower eat and do homework... exciting stuff
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I work at 3:30 til 9pm so i dont need to get up til whenever, But i like to try get up early. Im going to try get up at 9am, Go a walk, do some exercise then do some cleaning around the house or car til around 12:30 am, Make some food before work and watch youtube. Come home at 9pm, Play warzone til 1:30 and repeat.
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Wake up
Drink large glass of water
Have a cold shower
Eat breakfast
Start the day with a black coffee
Answer emails
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Mon-Fri : Wakeup, go for a piss, grab some water and a coffee and then head back to my room and get ready for my online college lecture

At the weekend i usually sleep in unless there is football on at like 12
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Wake up at 5:30.
Go toilet brush my teeth.
Get ready to leave for work at 6 with a coffee.
Get to work about 7:30 in London
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Wake up around 8am
Brush my teeth and my little mans
Make breakfast for my boy and my girlfriend
Go to work
And then do some work
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