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Who will win?

Joe Biden
Donald Trump

Where do you guys see this going.

More than half of the country is preparing for mass riots.

My brother is a captain in the police department and is now on 12hr+ shifts highly armed on standbys

Interested in what you think will happen.

I think once the winner is announced / who's got more states (basically same thing) all hell will break loose.

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I think Biden will win, but I still think Trump still has more of a chance than some are giving him credit for.

Biden is leading in key states, and Trump is basically going to have to get Pennsylvania in order to have a path to win. Polling got it wrong with Clinton in 2016, and Trump pulled off the shocker. However, I think this year Trump is less of a new flashy outsider and has 4 years of political experience under his belt for people to pick apart (Good and bad for him).

If Trump wants to win he needs to sweep most of the swing states he carried in 2016; Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, NC, and Florida. Biden has a better shot in Florida than Clinton did in 2016, as he does much higher with the older population than her (And is generally less hated in general than Clinton).

I made an electoral map for how I think it will play out, but if FL or PA are called for Trump tomorrow night, he's right back in it:

Takeaways for if Trump does win:

  • He did it off the back of the same supporters that carried him in 2016 (Midwestern, white blue collar males)
  • Voter apathy/Suburban moms didn't flock to Biden like people said they would
  • Trump's coronavirus response is polling awfully but he's still riding fairly high on his economic polling numbers
  • Incumbents tend to be playing with house money and have fared very well in past elections despite controversy

If Biden wins:

  • Biden just isn't nearly as hated as HRC was, he is not at all exciting or a breath of fresh air, but he is seen as a "safe" choice for people that voted Obama in 08 and 12
  • All signs point towards high voter turnout, traditionally this is good for Democrats
  • Biden has a warchest 3 times the size of Trump and he spent just about all of it
  • Trump didn't have the benefit of the "outsider" persona anymore, no matter how much he says otherwise he became a Politician.

Either way, Pennsylvania is probably the state to watch.

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For some reason I think Biden will actually pull it off and win this year, although I can totally see Trump being reelected.

The country preparing for rioting and destruction seems very strange, even with the year we've had. It seems like people from both sides argue that the other is violet and prone to rioting, looting, fighting, etc. It's truly hard for me to say that if a specific person wins there will be more, or more violent, protests.

I'm injured and not currently working, and more than likely will be drinking some tequila, keeping a track on the news, and watching this all go down with the Shoutbox. So far in my short adult life, my real thought of voting and who gets elected is that is truthfully won't impact me, but that has been a total change this year and I do have a slight worry that this could be a catastrophic event to finish this historic year with a bang.

Why did the guy above me type out a whole 3 page essay in MLA format about the election on an anime forum?
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I think biden has a huge chance.. Unfortunately i did want trump and still do but polls show biden leading. however this same thing happened in 2016 and trump ended up pulling it off..

just thinking about the riots and violence thats going to come from this makes me nervous lol
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Biden IMO has a better chance of winning as scizors said.

Also taking in to consideration that 4 years ago a ton of younger generation wanted to vote for Hilary but due to being not able to vote, however i believe that due to this is why biden is having a bigger turn out as the majority of people being unable to vote have now voted straight away, and this is why they believe that's why their is a record breaking turn out of 96M voters already.

But these are my opinions:
but i believe trump stays in area he knows he can win and very really goes out of it, however as previously said trump is not longer the outsider no more, hes a Politian no matter how much he tries to sway that, but i believe his administration for the response to Covid-19 has massively impacted their campaign.
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