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I messaged a person for being a toxic player in NHL 21. He was playing goalie on my team and was letting everything in the net on purpose. I messaged him "F*ckin trash". Xbox immediately sent me a message saying I have been suspended from any type of communication on Xbox Live. This feature is absolutely ridiculous. What if I was messaging one of my buddies and we cuss in casual conversation? We're both going to be auto suspended? We're both adults... Xbox needs to implement something where that feature understands if the cussing is going to/coming from an adult account or child account. If this keeps up, there will only be children left playing Xbox Live and children tend to not have jobs to pay for it... Bad business decision in my opinion on Xbox's part.

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I side with xbox. Pointless to insult or add profanity regardless if it is a friend or not. I prefer this so Ill stop getting messages every day after knocking people out on ufc that are just shit talk.
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It's not a instant ban.. he needs to report the message and then it's a instant ban haha
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Yeah it's better to just not message anyone cussing now a days. Could be worse PlayStation monitors party chat now lol.
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I mean yea what if you were messaging a friend but you weren't, don't be toxic all the time in games, most the time someone calls another person trash the person saying it lost so what does that tell you.

For real just don't spread hate it's okay to be mad but it's a game and there's no reason to inflate your ego while bringing down someone else's.
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I just use the trash can emoji when teammates sellout
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It's not auto suspensions, it's the chat filter for when people report a text message, it basically just filters out swears ect. Also it's only a communication ban nothing big but they get bigger each time you get a communication ban. It's a pretty useless idea they added and it's been on Xbox for awhile now. Now the toxic kids who are teamkilling you or griefing can't stand swears and such in messages so they just report you.
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I don't send nothing but get a lot of messages from recent players. Some of them are chill and like my name/skill and others are actual hate mail. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with hate mail I actually enjoy seeing guys rage. But I have noticed with the messages they will say potentially offensive content blah blah blah but I never actually read the full messages anyways just see the beginning and get the gist of what their getting at. I wish I could see what they are saying without having to get fully into it.

Personally if I was you I wouldn't send no messages like that because obviously they are monitored.
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100T wroteIt's not a instant ban.. he needs to report the message and then it's a instant ban haha

It was instant. The split second I hit send message, i got a message saying I was communication banned. Literally a tenth of a second had elapsed, impossible for the other user to report anything. Useless feature, this platform is not only for children. People swear, it's a normal thing. Like I said, I'm not completely against this feature, Xbox just needs to implement some more intelligence into it.
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