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well i just dont get it, when it first came out i got 5/5 on rivals, im a div2 player. im not world class by any means but i consider myself good, my record was 20-5 or something but recently, i cannot win. literally im losing 4 and winning 1.

like i said it must just be me, but surely im doing tactics wrong or something

i have WL this weekend and i have no team im 0-1 atm

can somebody build me a sick beast sweaty pacey hybrid 400k? please? with tactics

4231 in game or 41212 (2)

i set both cdm on sit back and stuff but attacking seems empty i dont know it feels like im doing it all wrong

also im useless at skills, is there any really effect but really easy skills i could use? all i want is gold 3 man.

thanks guys
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Custom tactics are different for everyone you need to find what works best for you. Just play around with them until you find what you like. The easiest skill in the game that works very well is the fake shot forward. When running down the line or at an opponent you can fake shot into the direction you are running and it gives you a little boost past the defender, try it out.

Try this squad, it's around 200k. Very pacey bundesliga side.

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