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Do you believe in ghosts?

I do myself.

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i do to i also believe in reincarnation
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When I was a kid I use to talk to a Imaginary friend named Josh.

My mother did some research and found out that the house we were living in the owners before had a son named Josh and he passed away.

So yes I do believe in ghosts.
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I'm not 7 anymore so no.
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Do you also sleep with the light on?
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I do I used to be on a local paranormal team. I've done a few investigations and they are really fun.
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i do
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Never experienced any paranormal activity so I'm gonna say no for now but may change one day.
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I lived in a haunted house and it turned out that a mother and her son got killed by the father a long time ago who used a chainsaw on them shits messed up.
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