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Attention all PC Pros!!!!
I'm having a problem with my new home built computer.

TL:DR - Whaleh8er Needs Serious Help

Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390 Carbon Pro
SSD: Samsung EVO 500gb M.2
RAM: 4x G Skillz 8Gb DDR4 3200
CPU: i7 9700k
PSU: Rosewill 630w

I cannot get windows to install correctly.
It goes thru the install process but then when it restarts it freezes during that spinning white dots screen. I bought a brand new thumb drive and then downloaded the latest version of windows 10 using the media creation tool.

I have been able to get windows to install twice using a very old DVD based version but then none of my motherboard drivers will install.

I tried swapping out hard drives moving the RAM around or pulling them out alternately. I bought a brand new motherboard since I suspected that may have been the board. Same story. Old version of windows installs but drivers fail to install. New version of windows causes the board to freeze at spinning dots loading screen.

I've updated the BIOS and confirmed that my RAM model number is compatible with the MoBo. Then ran the 4 hour memtest64 program which return zero errors.

Installing process:
I install windows from a newly created last night Win10 installation USB. Once the installation is finished and it does it's first reboot I pull the usb out to prevent it from trying to load from it again. Windows will go through its, "Getting Ready 0%-100%"just fine. Then my PC will reboot again. The MSI logo will next appear with the spinning dots below it. After about 4-5 revolutions it will freeze up.

A Linux live usb boots fine. The things I haven't tried replacing yet are the CPU (which I can't afford right now) and the PSU.

It doesn't seem to matter what I do the problem of freezing at the spinning dots screen persists.

Anyone have some ideas?
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well it could be a few things

sometimes mice and keybords can cause issues on windows while booting so you can try to unplug them and well any other usb devices you have plugged in and try to boot windows then if all goes well plug them back in when windows is booted

you can try to boot into safe mode and see if you can get into windows that way to do that just

power on your pc and when you see windows start to boot hold the power button until it powers on again
wait until it boots windows and just repeat until it says "booting into recovery mode" then click on Troubleshoot then Advanced options then Startup Settings then Restart now when it boots again you will get some options so click the button that says safe mode i think its 4 and hope it boots this is helpful cus it allows you to get into the event viewer and see whats causing the issue

it also just mught be the PSU
i doubt it would be the cpu
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