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Hey everyone,

Thinking of starting to play RuneScape again, it's probably been close to 8-10 years since I've actually sat down and really played it! Wondering what you guys thinks better OSRS or the new version. More than likely going to be playing on my phone and I know RS3 isn't out yet. Anyone know when roughly it's going to be released for iOS?
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I'd go with OSRS. Seems to be the better choice to me and it's what real men play. /s
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I've started playing OSRS on my phone
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If you more into modern MMORPGs like: WoW, ESO, Black Desert Online I would say to try RS3 as that's what RS3 appeals more to. If you've never played any of those games then think ability based combat with HD graphics. RS3 has so much content now it's kind of overwhelming but it's definitely not as bad as what people say.

If you're looking for a more classic MMORPG or just a classic feel of RuneScape then definitely try Old School RuneScape. It's also on mobile and RS3 hasn't hit iOS yet. I'd also recommend using a client called RuneLite if you plan on playing on desktop as the default client is straight asscheeks.

GLHF and if you have any questions feel free to PM me. (8K hours in OSRS)
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I just reinstalled rs3 like a few days ago and im already so far through progression. I feel like rs3 makes it easier for you to progress so I'd say go for it
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OSRS can't go wrong its never let me down!
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