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Curious to see what everyones playing
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Old School RuneScape and Genshin Impact.
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Genshin Impact, Rogue Company, and Among Us
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Runescape, but tempting to play Genshin's worth a try since it's free lol.
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Fortnite Arena Solo
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Old School Runescape and Modern Warfare are the only things I've been playing. Want BO: Cold War to drop already.
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I am currently playing Call of Duty: Warzone most of the times.
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call of duty mw and among us
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Just got into League of legends, With all the knowledge i had from smite it was a pretty easy transition but its only been 2 weeks and i was getting stomped out for a while but i finally got the hang of laning

Also playing Apex Legends, since its Crossplay i can pretty much play with anyone so if anyone still plays just send me a message
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Ive been playing SCUM.

I love this game.
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