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Hey guys i wanna sell my psn account that i gave my life for it its activated in 2015 and I've been playing since
the id : { Nima_je } level of account is {14} and have {13} platinum trophy and {1622} total trophies.
Its monster in most popular online games like r6,gta,rdd,nba and lot more I don't remember now.
R6: season 1 player,have season 2 and next seasons charms
Season 4,5 was platinum and have the charm.also lot more seasons was plat but I don't remember now
Skin season 3 is my favorite that i own and some more i forgot.
And also lot more bundles and skins and more...
Rdd2 level 157 with 22k money and 340 gold and level 20 in all roles except bounty hunter that is 19. Spent almost 150 golds just spent 30 for evans repeater And lot more to say...
Gta v level 200 and something I didn't play for long time but had all properties and most of cars and yacht,etc...
Had almost 24m money last time if I didn't mistake
Lot more pictures remain I can't upload it all just search my gamer id and you will see all stats

Still have 8.50 dollars in account ready to shop.
Purchased some avatars and skins from shop too
Ok i guess thats enough for introduction, as i said still lot more to say like nba,fifa,etc but i have to write until tomorrow lol.

I gave my life for this account,have been playing since 2015 and almost powerful at everything so don't compare with other accounts.
Everything is legal at account nothing hacked or glitched and all is my hard work in years.
I've been thinking about a fair price that worth 5 years hard work so i could sell my account in peace

My offer is 200$ but if anyone interested i can give him a little discount.
Thanks for your time cheers.
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