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I've built 4 computers over the years, currently using this MOBO and this CPU in a build from about 10 years ago. Ancient! I mostly use this PC for watching videos I DL from binary newsgroups via HDMI to my flat screen TV, and for web browsing (Firefox) email (Tbird) and word processing (MS Word), nothing too resource-demanding. Currently have 12 GB of fairly slow ram (540.5 MHZ). I have a very beefy ATX PSU, 850 watts. I do need the ability to connect 4 to 6 SATA drives. OS is running on a small 60 gig SSD. I have Win7 64 bit, both home & "pro", as well as Win 10. Not nuts about windoze, but I do prefer 7 over 10. This build is getting really old, having some major issues, and it needs to be updated. I'm in my 60's with some health & $$$$ issues, so I'd like to pull this off as CHEAPLY as possible. Ideally, I'd like to just get a new INEXPENSIVE MOBO & CPU which will work with my present case, PSU, peripherals & vid card, etc. I don't game or anything else requiring crazy speed, and I'm guessing just about any modern board & CPU will be way-faster than what I have now. If anyone has any suggestions on the least expensive way I can pull off a new build, using as much of my current gear as possible, I'd really appreciate it!

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What is your budget and currency?
What is your full list of current specs? Including make+model of your case and PSU.
What is your goal for the upgrade exactly? What is your system not doing right now that you want to be able to do?
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