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Hey Guys,

I am looking into purchasing an RGH console. The console will be mainly used for playing backups and running emulators. I do not have any plans on going online with the system. I just want a console that is reliable and can hold up to hours of playtime. So far I've been seeing that people are more in favor of the Jasper and Trinity model. In terms of maintenance, how often do I need to open the console to clean and apply thermal paste?

Thanks guys
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Jasper phat console or any slim rgh console will work for any of your needs and last the longest for you

As for.
Keeping it clean it should be clean when you get it from a trusted seller. Also new thermal paste should be added also. Keeping your room clean also helps. Should be fine for couple years if everything is clean

Also you shouldn't need to open it

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Trinity's are really good in my personal experience, I'd go for that or a Jasper
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I would recommend a Jasper PHAT all day long, like Rodent said, you should not need to open the console up! if it is setup correctly then you should be good for many years with a Jasper.
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