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Hey there

I was wondering if anyone on TheTechGame would be able to help me out. Im on third base ready to steal home with how eager I am to hit this first hundred subscribers. I make 2 types of videos. One type for pure entertainment such as the video I will link below as I daily upload and this video happens to be that kind. As well as motivating or self help kinds of videos that I want people to be able to watch and that way help people make better decisions. This is very important to me because when I came home from rehab 11 months ago which ive been clean and sober for 14 months now, youtube is what helped me which i watched youtubers who make videos and content just like mine either at the same time or one or the other if that makes sense.

I feel like what I want to do with my life is do what others, have done for me. And once I hit 100 subscribers, even if YOU dont watch my videos too often, or all of them whatever. YouTube will know since I hit that first 100 when I can claim my URL i am worth watching. Therefore, they will push my videos out to new people. Which is in my life the most important thing to me, and no im not kidding. I dont have any friends I can ask for help with this goal, thats why im making myself so vulnerable and open here on this website and this post specificly.


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