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So Recently just Started My Classes

and i gotta say its really nice to be online now

i dont have to drive to the school im done way sooner and its all in one spot with being on the internet

my question for yall is are you in school rn if so Do you like the switch due to covid or no.

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Yes, I am in school as well! Currently studying environmental science. I would say that I both love and hate this new online learning environment. On one hand, its super convenient. I don't have to drive anywhere or walk to campus, like you said. I can literally roll out of bed, go to my computer, and I'm "in class." Last spring I would literally be doing dishes and eating and playing video games during some of my classes.

On the other hand, I miss the physical aspect of being able to see all my friends. I have two main friends and we always hung out after class or like got something to eat. So losing that social aspect has been hard. I also just like being out of the house sometimes. It takes me a bit more effort to force myself to do hw while in online classes. So procrastination has never been higher ;)

Sooo, yeah I don't mind online classes rn, but I'll still be happy when (and if) classes go back to normal.
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I absolutely hate it! I'm the type of person who needs to learn in person to understand certain subjects so Its been pretty tough for me!
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online school is great been doing it since high school its way easier for me at least

my only problum is for young kids because socializing is a major part of young kids growing up and learning how the world works and in person school is a big part in that.
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