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tittle and picture says it all,

for me its going to be Halo 3 ODST and Forza 3 ! why ? because this were actually my first 2 xbox games ever to play on the xbox 360 so yea i spend it alot of time playing those 2 games until i was able to play halo online became more fun ! what about you guys ?
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Modern Warfare 2!
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COD WAW! I used to love that game so much. I was legit 10th prestige and played zombies so much with a group of friends.

Eventually I started iso modding, which involved taking apart the Xbox so you could access the disk drive. Which is why the picture makes me think of this game. After that I eventually started jtagging.
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Cod 4 nothing like the feeling getting on as a kid man miss that feeling getting goose bumps just thinking about it
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i like halo 3
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Mw2 and gta5
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I just think of coming home from school and hopping on to play some MW2 with my friends. RIP to those days.
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black ops 1 and stealing internet from my neighbor 3 doors down
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MW2 & Fable :3
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All of the COD series. WaW mainly though
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