GeneralWhen will the prices of 2080ti go down?Posted:

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Looking online and everyone is trying to tell the 2080ti for £600+.
Yeah i understand they paid alot for it but as the 30series is coming out and is much cheaper and better, I was wondering when the price of the 2080ti will decrease
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Really depends on the market. Up until even recently the 1080ti cards (which date back all the way to early 2017) were still selling for about $500
Could be a while until it drops further than it already has.
Honestly though the 30 series is where I would spend my money.
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Seeing how supposedly the 3070 which is $500 beats out a 2080ti.
I'd invest in the 3000 series my guy

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BLVD wrote
Seeing how supposedly the 3070 which is $500 beats out a 2080ti.
I'd invest in the 3000 series my guy

Was about to say that. If what they say is true there's no point in getting a 2080ti imo.
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In the UK the panic was real, Owners trying to get 600-800 on the 2080ti. I found amusement in this and had some fun with the markets available to me, you can get a 2080ti in the uk for £300-400 with negotiating.

Bare in mind the 3070 will beat the 2080ti by 1.5x / (34% I would expect) "rumored" for 499-599 with warranty and new, not abused by pools, mining or carelessness/neglect.

The panic will set a bar until the release, A week after reviews come out and public, the great drop will happen. I would say now till a week after release will be the best time to sell as a owner and to buy one, well anytime from now.
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