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What a sweet or food you love having late night as a snack? We all have those late night cravings .. what are yours ? Mines are zebra cakes, twixs, sour patches and for food pizza, beef patties, chicken wings or Mcdonnalds (as last resort)

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Salt and vinegar pringles
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For sweets I like Zero, (Chocolate bar), glazed donuts, fruit or Reese's cups.

For food I would have a warm and toasted sandwich with kettle cooked potato chips, Hot pockets, or instant ramen noodles.
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An entire chocolate cake, ice cream, candy
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You are
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Probably Cereal to be honest.

I never eat cereal in the morning, but always at like 11pm - 1am
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Kipling cakes cause I'm a fat mess.
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Instant noodle soups
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Lately... Ice cream.. I know... I know.
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Oreos and Milk!
I can never go wrong
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