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For those of you who do fantasy football, how do you guys feel about stacking players on the same team?

Stacking players on the same team is for example: QB + WR same team, WR + WR same team, RB+ WR same team, etc..

In my 2020 8-man fantasy draft I ended up with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin with my 4th and 5th round picks. I took Godwin in the 4th round but no one drafted Evans by the 5th round and he was by the far the highest projected WR left so I took him as well. How would you guys feel about this? Im confident that both players will eat but some weeks I know will be amazing and some weeks I'm screwed if the Bucs have a bad offensive game.

Here is my 8-man PPR fantasy line up btw...

Matt Ryan- QB Falcons
Alvin Kamara- RB Saints
Cylde Edwards Helaire- RB KC
Chris Godwin- WR TB
Mike Evans- WR TB
Darren Waller- TE Raiders
Matt Prater- K Lions
Colts D/ST

Notable Bench: Robert Woods WR LA, Kareem Hunt RB Browns, Tom Brady QB, Michael Gallup WR Dallas

Comment below your team and how many man league PPR/Standard. I want to see some other teams!
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Yea stacking isn't good especially 2 wr on the same team just my opinion

My team 10 teams ppr
Qb mahomes
Rb Barkley
Rb aaron jones
Wr kupp
Wr allen
TE Andrews
Flex Metcalf
D Patriots
Kicker Prater
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I don't really like stacking. Sometimes I do it but only really with a TE/WR combo or a TE/RB combo. Try not to though.
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Only time to stack players is a QB/WR or a QB/TE combo in my opinion. That way if they catch a TD you're getting points from both players.

If you stack a WR/RB or a WR/TE or any other combination, you're losing points for one of your guys.
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