Adviceis 750 watts enought for 3090?Posted:

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hi everyone so I was wondering if my motherboard would support the new 3090 I have a z390 aorus wifi pro

I also have a 750 power supply gold-certified do I need a better power supply

my system is 4 8gb g skills ram

corei9 9900k

master liquid ml360r

6 cooler master 120 gan not including the water cooling fans

1 m.2 250gb

1 SSD 1 terabyte

1 RGB fan control
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I'd say 850 +gold, more information should be out once it's released
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Wattage is less important than quality(at a certain point).

So, do you have a cheap shitty 750W PSU? If so, definitely don't put an RTX 3090 anywhere near it.
If you have a decent 750W PSU, it'll absolutely be adequate.

Obviously the RTX 3090 hasn't actually released yet, so we don't have actual real world power consumption info for the card yet, but the only way it'll come close to exhausting your PSU, is if you manually overclock the GPU and your CPU.
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