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The doujinshi convention Comitia announced on Saturday that it will hold the COMITIA134 event on November 23 after a successful crowdfunding campaign that has raised over 100 million yen (approximately US$960,000) as of this article's posting. Applications to participate as a vendor opened on Tuesday.

Comitia conventions are held several times per year, and are intended to host original works only. The previous two events, which were scheduled in May and September, were canceled due to COVID-19, as have other doujinshi events such as Comiket 98. The committee stresses that COMITIA134 may also be subject to cancellation depending on the recommendations of the Japanese government and/or other authorizing organizations.

The crowdfunding campaign is hosted on the Motion Gallery website, and will run until October 23. The platform has previously hosted a campaign to support independent mini-theaters that have been financially affected by COVID-19.

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Thankyou for sharing, that's some impressive crowdfunding!
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