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After just a few months of being active again in the community and offering my graphics services, I'm proud to say I reached 1k rep

Over these past couple of months I've interacted with countless community members, many of which I'm glad the interaction happened. I just want to thank all of the staff for keeping the site running smoothly, and the following members for helping me along the way; and just for being great people!

Thanks to:
(In no specific order)

Sorry if I missed anyone <3


Putrid for Graphics King 2020

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JoeyNap (09-08-2020), Tasty (09-08-2020), Federation (09-08-2020), F-15E (09-08-2020), Doug (09-06-2020), Jose (09-06-2020), Petite (09-05-2020), Xbox (09-05-2020)
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Grats man on 1k rep and ur GFX are sick i #GFXKINGGRIND
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Congratulations on finally reaching that beautiful purple block.

Hope to see you in the shoutbox more often and good luck with graphics king badge.

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Congrats friend hope to see more of you across the site keep up the good work and keep on being a useful member you'll achieve everything you want trust me!
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Congrats bro you deserve it next 2k ? Well be here to celebrate !
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congrats on your first block of cheese
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Congrats man
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congrats man thats awesome
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Congrats, I remember reaching 1K only a couple of months back

Also, have some more
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Congrats on ur milestone
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