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Hey everyone. Hope you are all having a great night. I am so close to my first milestone.

I have been putting in a ton of work. Just got done uploading another video as I have been every single day since I have started my channel. I have pumped out 19 videos so far in about a week and a half to 3 weeks of being on the platform. Please help me hit my goal of 25 subscribers. I hope I can earn your sub as it means so much to me. Not just to be able to say I make videos. But because when I first got home from rehab, youtube helped me stay focused and entertained and I want to entertain people in the same way that helped me whether the video is for entertainment and or comedy down to teaching a lesson through one of my crazy storytimes I plan on putting out every once in awhile as I have a crazy 11 year history of wild times. Thank you all so much. I am so close.

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