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I want to give a shoutout to everyone who came before me and who will be coming after me after I post this, I started my first tutorial over 2 years ago. Crazy to think I'm still here doing them, and I will continue to help other people. If you have tutorials/walkthroughs you want me to do send me a PM and I will be sure to get to it.


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Thanks for helping out the community amazing soul
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Thank you for all your contributions to this community! We definitely appreciate everything you do for this site. 1,000 tutorials is quite the feat and I'm positive people will be using your tutorials for years to come.
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Keep up the Tutorial work
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Keep cranking them out on these boys they can't hang.

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Congrats, TTG! That's insane. I can't believe how many tutorials you have posted. Keep being a genuinely good member:) thanks for everything
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1k tutorials that is completely insane, good shit dude!
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Thanks for helping man!
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congrats bro keep killing it
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