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So I just wanted to get some thoughts an opinions as well as some tips. I am just now buying the game as I am playing it off of steam or i will be when it finishes downloading - i got it like 2 minutes ago literally. Does anyone have any recommendations to learn the game? To me when I watch it the game looks pretty complex. All advice would be much appreciated. Also how do you guys feel about it? Worth the 20 bucks?
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Hey man! It's an amazing game. There are a lot of levels to it. It has such a simple premise but it gets very complicated. I would recommend just going into free play and hitting the ball around, as well as doing the training packs (striker,goalie, etc).

Additionally, watching YouTube videos of the pros is very helpful as you can mimick what they do. I would recommend squishy, rizzo, and musty (not a pro). They all have great series that you can watch. Look for the rizzo road to GC series.

TLDR; watch YouTube vids, play the game. You'll get better
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