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Whats up guys? I was just wondering if i could get some help in finding some new games on Steam or even anywhere else if its not on there too. I have recently sold my Xbox One and dumped a lot of money and got myself a PC setup so I am looking for some new fun games to sit back and be able to play while im not doing anything else. I am into any and all games from Runescape to FPS to racing to whatever.

The only games I have now are
COD MW2 AND Black Ops 1 not getting anymore until Cold War
Fall Guys

I was thinking about grabbing rocket leauge and super monkeyball race - i dont care how popular the game really is overall tbh either so just let me know what you have in mind for me to look into and your thoughts on rocket and monkeyball!
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Pick up Rocket League if you have not yet. It has a hard learning curve but once you get the hand of it it really is a super fun game to play, especially if you Q with your friends and play double or triples.
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F1 2020 is really good, the new My Team campaign is amazing when you run your own F1 team and your also driver of the team, pick your second driver, all sponsors, pick team colors and team name and compete to win the drivers and constructors championship

Also creative games are good time passers

like city skylines and Planet coaster

The good thing with PC games rather then xbox/ps is mods, modded city skylines is so much better then console and games like skyrim and BO3 zombies map ect
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Escape from Tarkov is pretty neat imo
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I enjoyed rust but is just too toxic for me now, Siege, among us, red dead
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medieval dynasty was recently released on steam and it should still be on sale for around 20$. Well worth the money if you enjoy survival/building style games.
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Halo 3
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