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Hey everybody I am a new youtuber making commentary videos and I am looking for help. The reason I want this help is because without the inital subscribers YouTube does not actually push your videos to people. I have never been the type to buy followers or subscribers and I am never going to be. I want this really bad and I think that I make pretty decent videos. Not that money is everything but I have forsure been putting that into this hobby because I want the quality to be there which is the only reason I mentioned it in the first place. I upload on a conistent basis. If it isnt daily the longest I have went without uploading a video has been every other day. I am motivated and excited and I really want people to be able to see my videos. I know I have a very different story that at the same time a lot of people will relate to. I have had a problem with substance abuse which I talk about in my story time type videos so part of my goal while on this platform will to be able to be to help others going through early recovery to those who are thinking abou trying that or even behaving in any illegal activity for whatever reason and show them that it is not worth it as I know from experience with over 11 years of doing so because of the fact that I am a young man at 22 years old and have a very strong will to get my point and message accross but at the same time that is not the only form of videos I enjoy making I have so many different ideas such as reviews of games and gaming updates and just other trending topics which I have been already putting out as well I will link a few videos I have put out this week to hopefully put some interest and maybe earn a subscription from some of you here on thetechgame. that would mean so much to me it really would. thank you everyone!

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