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Hi TTG Just a 1 Month update on my on and off photoshop venture, I have a few things i really like i would like your opinions on as well as what i could change to make my style better or to improve my designs! Thanks for your time very much appreciated!<3
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the mcfatty banner is alright. Probably the best of the bunch. Fatality banner is simplistic but not really a common style anymore afaik. The skiff banner isn't really blended all too well, no clear focus point etc.
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The McFatty graphic is your best work by far, really nice style and simple color palate nothing over the top but still looks nice.

Keep on working and I'm sure in a few more months you will see an even greater increase in artistic ability.
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Keep working hard, I appreciate the edits but some photos are already perfect no need to over edit, Instead you should work with a blank canvas and add your custom edits including text and renders on top.. blending complete images is always stuffy.
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