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Hey guys I was at the store today in my local Walmart and I seen that there was actually a blue yeti blackout microphone avilable. It was the last one. I am currently recording with my turtle beach headset which I think is oretty good and wasnt going to spend the money on another microphone until I actually gain some sort of exposure so I dont have to drop another $150 or whatever just to be safe and what not. My question is do you think that was or is a good idea? Im kind of regretting it I know it may be an upgrade but im not sure. Could I maybe get some opinions on if I should be set for awhile? Let me know on the quality for me please please please...

Thank you. Honestly you dont have to watch the whole video if you dont want to.. I just really want suggestions on how I can make my videos better if you have any advice... OR if my microphone should be upgraded or if you think Im ok for now..

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