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What's the craziest dream you've ever had? I've had dreams where I woke up realizing it wasn't real lol.

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One time I dreamt that me and you were frolicking through a field of daisies naked
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I had a dream that I was a billionaire, it was so good I woke up thinking I was rich lmfao
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I had a dream a few weeks ago that i was in a room with some psycho with a gun, he was a trained killer and we was having a chat for a bit and it got a bit heated and he shot me in the head as i turned around and i was still in the dream 5 minutes later on the floor dead but i could see out of my eyes in the dream but i was dead it was weird then around 5 minutes later i woke up from my dream and my neck was burning like hell and my neck was stiff i couldn't move my arms or legs for around 45 seconds as-if i was in some sort of sleep paralysis or what ever it is called, Then all of a sudden the burning went and my neck was fine and i got up and was awake for 30 mins wondering what happened. It was the weirdest experience and i want to know why i had the dream, I kind of liked the experience tho and want it to happen again.

I got told that if you die in your dream you die in real life but i died in my dream and i am fine i just had a weird experience when i finally woke up. Can anyone tell my a proper reason as to why this happened to me? because i'd love to know.
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I aleays dream off my home country it been 17 years since i left and havent visited back.. most of my family lives there and my cousins who i grew up with they always pop off in the dream but they never seen to notice me neither know im there
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This one time I had a dream that I was a spartan in Halo Reach times and I was getting off a helicopter shooting Elites and Grunts and assassinated some of them too shit was nuts! Best dream I've ever had lol
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The craziest dream I had was when I was being chased by zombies and I shit myself.

That's not the crazy part! The crazy part is I actually woke up with a shit in my pants
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I actually woke up this morning and was telling some family about mine. It was one of if not the most intense and vivid dreams I have ever had. I will start below

To keep this pretty neat and simple, I had a dream I was in my car at a stop sign. I could turn left, or right.

Before pulling out through a main street you will check your left then right correct? As I turned to the left to look, I seen headlights...I proceeded to wait...As it got closer..I realized it was two motorcycles. They started clashing into each other as they got closer.

There is a small grassy area followed by a decently tall sized fence that boarders the grassy area. When they started clashing into each other, One of them flew off the bike, and landed right next to my car as I was waiting for them to pass...(Obviously didn't happen). When one of them hit the ground I heard in my dream their body hit the concrete. As for the other biker, He went up in the air as well and has so much momentum...The body was stuck dangling on the fence. At this point in my dream I was still processing what actually happened..a few moments later I get out of the car and the body that hit the ground was mangled. I remember trying to pull my phone out and dial 911 and could not. I do not know why but I could not see the numbers on my phone. This is where I woke up.

EDIT: About 4 days ago, I had a dream of watching Goats race. This is all. It is too far back to remember any details about this one. Sorry
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