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Whats up everybody? My name is taylor and I am starting a commentary youtube channel - I am going by FlexTaylor and my social medias are @SubFlexTaylor on instagram and twitter which I want to be included in the intro somewhere on the screen. I dont need anything crazy long maybe just a 10-15 second intro i can put into the start of my videos somewhere before i get started into it. I am going for a black and yellow type of color scheme unless you have an idea you are interested in trying out but thats what I had in mind off the top of my head. I may also want to buy a new logo sometime soon preferably something along the lines of an Anime type logo drawing or something that looks like me. I can send a picture of myself on here or discord if you are interested in that as well. I have money to spend as I know money is time and not looking for handouts but dont expect to rip me off. I will pay for something I really like though again. For both things.

Thank you <3
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Sent you a PM!

(Helping him with this )
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