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Hello there!
I've been inactive on this site for going on 5+ years.
I remember days filled with TheTechGame lobbies on my
Slim Xbox 360.
Times I'll never forget.
MW2 Infections
WAW infections
COD4 Lobbies,
The list really goes on.

Anyone who was here
Around 2012-2013 know what a weird stage it was for TTG and the community surrounding it.

Title Updates we're ruining our fun , and making it harder to spread hacks / cheats.
JTAGGed consoles were put behind a massive wall of bans.

Come to think of it,
My first console was console banned because i used to host modded mw2 lobbies for $$ on the low.

When my parents figured out I needed a new Xbox console all together, they sure as hell weren't happy lol.

Mark me as an absentee.

I missed a lot of TTG's growth from 2014 onward.
It makes me happy that this forum is still up and running.
I have very fond memories of getting home from school and signing right on so I could have fun with a community full of people who enjoyed the same thing I did. (VIDEO GAMES)

Thanks TTG for many years of good times.
Welcoming back myself.
I Hope everyone has had a wonderful year;
aside from the ongoing pandemic.

Stay safe Browsers!
Much love

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We're happy you're back after all of these years man! Hopefully we'll be seeing you more active around the forums
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Welcome back bro ! Hope u stay active <3 zee u around the forums
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Welcome back friend!
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Djinn Welcome back to TTG community
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I cant express enough how much I can relate to what you stated. I remember when the title updates doomed all of us that hosted.

Anyway, its nice to see more and more people come back to the TTG community. Likewise, this forum will always have a place in my heart because of the relations I have built through it. See you around
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welcome back buddy, hope to see you around!
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Welcome to the site man!
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Welcome back man that was an amazing reintroduction.

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