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After about 4 or 5 years with my current mouse. It's starting to give out.

Current mouse: M65 Pro

Looking for suggestions for a new gaming mouse.
Don't want to spend more than $100 unless I need to.

Currently, all my products are corsair. I don't mind different brands.

I really only play FPS, no MOBA's or similar style games.

I would appreciate suggestions on either what you use or have experience using. Good or bad, I'll take any input.

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Been using this for about 6 months. Wireless is like $40 cheaper I believe. Really nice and very comfortable. I just linked amazon but I bought from Walmart for 79.99
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I switched to a Razer Basilisk V2 a while ago and have really liked it. Light weight mouse with tasteful RGB and a nice grippy feel on the side for your thumb to sit.

would recommend
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Logitech g502. Currently what I have and i've never had an issue
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measure your hand cant give a good recommendation until we know your handsize
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Logitech G502, been using it for years, haven't felt the need to change it yet.
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I currently use the Rival 310 and the G502 Hero
If you're playing a ton of FPS games id probably use the Rival though as its much lighter and easier to flick.
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