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I was sitting here thinking you should always surround yourself around people that have the same interest as you, because if not they won't care about your goals or about anything you have to say honestly. You don't always need friends at the end of the day you will leave this earth alone. Just do whatever makes you happy and fu** whoever don't like it !

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I old man once told me. "If I want the biggest building in town, I don't start with tearing down everyone else's."

I heard his words and surrounded myself around good friends and good people. I worked hard, made contacts and I'm now 22 almost 23 I work for the government as a programmer and own 1 auto body shop / mechanics shop and plan on building another at the start of next year.

Work hard surround yourself around good people and they will see you succeed, because they will succeed. If I'm winning my whole team is winning.
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Amen and agree in both statements ^^
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All fantastic advice on this thread, I agree strongly
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Thanks for sharing. I think we all need to be reminded of this. It's something that I have been working on as well. CtrlAltDelete's story helps me to think about this in a good way.
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100% agree
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That's how i became a drug addict.

try surrounding yourself with people that affect positively, or just stay on your own lmao.
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