Milestonegraduating high school todayPosted:

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after years of waiting for this day it has finally come, cant believe its came so fast.
i want to thank the ttg community for always being here and allowing me to share my milestones with everyone! thank you all

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Congrats on graduating high school man
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Congratulations man. This is a huge accomplishment you've worked for the last 13-14 years for this. So proud of you man!
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congrats buddy, best of luck with your future endeavors.
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Congrats and the stress is over for school

Now to get stressed with work
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That's a major life milestone.

Congrats on getting through high school.

Best wishes to everything you pursue in life.

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Congrats dude, thats huge! Good luck with whatever you decide to do next
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Congrats men thats awesome !
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Congrats on such a long coming achievement man!

Now your username becomes daily life in the outside world lmao
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