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As most if not all of NFL fans know, Joey Bosa is a pretty dominant DE. He is another monster like JJ Watt or Mack. On tuesday he signed an extension with the chargers and got $135 million on a 5yr contract with $102 million guaranteed. He broke the record that was previously held by Myles Garrett for about two weeks of $100 million.

Do you guys think he deserved that much or do you find it crazy NFL players make this amount of money?
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I doubt he will even get to spend all that money that just mind blowing
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The scariest thing is both brother's will end up signing contracts like this, in the end Nick will probably even pass Joey.

However, the pleasant thing about it is their family is set for generations to come. The years of sacrifice and pain definitely paid off for the Bosa's!
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It is honestly wells deserved and his brother will get a massive contract just like him
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Well deserved and loved watching them play in college.

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