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Today is my 10th TTG birthday

This decade on TheTechGame has been amazing and I love all the people I've met along the way. The experiences I've had have seriously helped me so much in the real world it's actually awesome. I'd love to ramble on for hundreds of words about all the Cent is hot people I've met on here and all the friendships I've created but I got homework to finish.

Thank you all for an awesome decade on TheTechGame and thank you @Sean for creating a safe place for gamers to have fun with each other. Cheers to another 10 years!

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Happy TTG Birthday big fella.

Thanks for being a homie and a runescape mentor.

i love you
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Congratulations, thank you for staff service on TTG as well.
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Congrats jimbo! Thanks for being an amazing staff member too!
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Congrats men
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Congrats Jimbo on your 10 years milestone
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Jimbo coming in with a decade on the site, Thats a sick achievement man Congrats!
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Congratulations on a decade Jimbo.

Thanks for always being a cool mod and guy to chat shit to in the shoutbox.

Oh and please stream A Winters Daydream for the boys?

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Congratulations mate - it's been a pleasure to know you over this time and i'm glad you've stuck around!
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