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salutations gentlemen/gentlewoman
i have no experience with pc stuff but i played pc building simulator for an hour and i think im ready.
soo i think i decided on having high frames per second at 1440p and the components reflect that if any one with experience could tell me if all my parts are compatible with each other, as well as if i should replace a part with a different\better part im open to suggestions
money isn't an issue but id prefer to use the best value option that's practical for a gaming pc rather than spending unnecessary money on overkill parts
i spent almost 4 hours looking at monitors and didn't come any closer to selecting one for some reason it seems impossible i like skyrim games as much as i like rocket league/ cod games. is it possible to accommodate both or do i have to choose a monitor that reflects one or the other, the ones i looked at were LG 27GL850 b, asus tuf gaming vg27aq, and viewsonic elite xg270q 27. this has been the most painful part of the process i swear. ideally i just want the best 1440p high refresh rate monitor (144-165?), probably with g sync, i can not for the life of me find reliable accurate information on these monitors or ones in this bracket if you will, do i just go looking for a 4k 165hz monitor or what ?? please help me here i am as lost as a blind wombat

CPU-Intel Core i7-9700K
CPU COOLER- Dark Rock Pro 4
motherboard-Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151
RAM- 2 16gb corsair dominator platinum
PSU-corsair RMx series 850w gold
SSD-addlink S70 1TB

Yea thats everything i havent really looked at cases at all either so if any of you have ideas that be helpful as well otherwise im sure i could find one
thank you to everyone who actually takes the time to read this and help me im excited as heck to get started
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With the specs you're aiming for, I would take a look at They cover a quick summary as well as details into why each monitor is chosen and what specs it has, along with some alternatives.

For your case, it is generally up to user preference with what you like the look of (for the most part).
If we're keeping the parts you've chosen, you will need a case that supports an ATX motherboard considering that is the one you have chosen.

Otherwise, if you want some recommendations for other parts, you will ideally need to give a rough budget that you want to spend. I get the "money is not an issue" but what you consider "spending unnecessary money on overkill parts" will almost certainly be different to my view of that.
It would also be useful to know if you plan to do anything else or is this purely a gaming pc?
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