TVAre there still people watching tv?Posted:

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Are there still people watching tv?
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Only watch TV when sports are on
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Only sports i stream it tho havent had cable in years
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Stopped paying for cable years ago. I hated watching commercials
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I mostly watch youtube or use streaming services like Netflix or Amazon to watch series now

I do on the odd occasion watch some actual Television but very rarely
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Nah I mostly use my phone or laptop to watch tv shows and that now lowkey miss it though
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Netflix / Hulu is what I use. Only watch TV if it's during the NFL/NBA season.
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CtrlAltDelete wroteStopped paying for cable years ago. I hated watching commercials

I did the same few years back I stopped paying for cable altogether and just use on demand stuff whenever I feel like watching TV and that is almost never my TV at this point is just for show.
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My parents do

Anyone I know my age, or any friends? Nope. Streaming only.
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TV is only used for sporting events in my household tbh, streaming is the future
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