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Just switched over to PC and have been wanting to for so long and got the system to run any game maxed out. Just need some recommendations on what to play.
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Just play what you want. Hop on some games you wanted to play. Jack the settings up and see how it handles them
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Skyrim. It's a game just setting it up.

Download, decide on a few "quality of life" mods like open cities so you don't have loading screens..Then, six hours later, you're reading through a tutorial on setting up the 100 mods you've downloaded so they game doesn't crash every twenty seconds. But, you figured out the fix! You just needed another 100 mods to balance it all out and suddenly you're at 500 mods

But, really, if you want suggestions you'll need to list out the kind of games you like to play. Are you a competitive FPS gamer? CS: GO will fill your itch.
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CoD Warzone on PC is a great experience.

Forza Horizon 4 on max settings on PC is beautiful.

R6S is great on PC.

Detroit: Become Human is also a good PC experience.
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I personally don't play many games, but I enjoy Valorant and Dead by Daylight.
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A story about my uncle
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I mainly play league of legends, counter strike , and osrs
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Have you played Witcher? That's such a good one. When I first built my PC, it was one of the first ones I played.

Rocket League is good too, but you could run that on a potato.
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Destiny 2, Rocket league (Don't buy it, it's going free to play soon), Garry's Mod, Left 4 dead 1/2.
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