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    Rules for CoD boosting and modding services

  • Sellers must post pictures or videos proving they can provide the services being offered. Paid modding topics require proof of the seller online, in game, and displaying the seller's TTG username. Paid boosting topics require proof of the seller's bots and/or consoles in action with the seller's TTG username displayed.

  • Sellers must use only forum replies and private messages on TTG to communicate with buyers. Do not post or share off-site contact info like Discord, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, email, or websites. Only Trusted Sellers can post off-site contact info.

  • Only sticky topics and users with the Trusted Seller badge can offer services that require account login credentials (username, email, password, "account recovery").

  • PayPal and Venmo cannot be listed as accepted payment methods.

  • Boosted, duped, and modded CoD account sales are allowed in this section. Other account sales belong in the Digital Marketplace section. Sellers must prove ownership with a picture of the account with their TTG username.

  • Codes, game licenses, guides, keyvaults (KVs) and methods are not allowed for sale here. Only approved sellers can offer ESP/Aimbot cheats.

  • No drama among sellers on the forum or negativity on other sellers' topics.

  • Topics cannot contain words like "trusted" or "verified" unless the seller holds the Trusted Seller badge.

Upgrade to a verified sticky using the banner at the top of your topic. The banner will not be displayed if no sticky slots are available. One sticky per user per section.

Temporary rules apply to maintain fairness among sellers. Anti-competitive or disruptive forum activity is not allowed.

  • Do not reply to your topic to bring it to the top of the list, or bump, more than once per hour.
  • Do not delete your own reply posts.
  • One hosting/sale topic per user.
  • Your topic may be closed if users reply while you are inactive.

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