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If you were to buy one of the phones on the market what would you get? I am looking to get a new one and am very undecided
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I'm to buy new phone.. Currently, I'm using a Samsung device and I've been using Samsung for 7 years.. Now, I need a change..So, I'm looking for a new brand..My final decisions are Xiaomi and Huawei.. I thought of iPhone first.. Bu,. my friends changed my mind.. According to their opinions., buying iPhone is useless since I can get more advanced phone with more features for the same price I wish to spend for an iPhone..BTW,it's really hard to decide a suitable phone.. Price is also a bit higher after the pandemic..
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I've been a iPhone user for god knows how many years now it all depends on what you need the phone for.
For me iPhone's have been perfect for my everyday use, things like the camera quality and ram improve every phone so its really up to you
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What are you using now? What features are you looking for? iOS or Android?

iOS is obvious but Android has a variety of brands all in different price ranges. I personally love Samsung but there are others with similar features now for much cheaper.
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Some good budget Choices out there atm if you're looking into those.

OnePlus Nord
Google Pixel 4a
New iPhone SE

All 3 are great choices in the budget market atm.
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