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So, I have been in lockdown with my partner for around 12 weeks now as we're still taking to lockdown quite seriously. We spend every living second with each other, but they get upset when I game or go on social media during a film. Before lockdown we'd see each other most days but not all day. Meaning I'd get some personal time to myself, to game or do uni work. But I haven't had this in months. I suggested to them to let's have an hour a day where I can game or just clear my head and they can do their thing, but I was met with "you don't love me if you don't want to spend all your time with me"

I feel smothered, what should I do? I'm not going to breakup before suggestions are made, but I need to word a way to make clear that getting some personal time is good for us, which I feel it is.

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Just tell her how you feel.

Being honest is the best way and I'm sure she will understand man.
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I mean that's really unhealthy if you can't play a game without her claiming you need to spend all your time together it's possessive the issue is trying to find out why do you speak to people while you're playing? She could be worried your talking to other girls. If it's not that just try and include her download a two player game something simple like a racer and share your hobby with her while you play explain to her why you do it and how it helps you.
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oh man the feels!
I found buying a laptop and downloading sims for her stopped the nagging pretty quick ;) hahaha.

Nah but for real as Sean said try and incorporate her in some games or play one or 2 with her.
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Me an my partner take turn doing things and having our son .. yea women do get bother when we game specially when they are stress out or its time of the month naggies alot honestly best answer is communication .. sit down and talk about it no fighting just communicating hope everything gets better bro if you wanna chat just pm me !
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Man I am 24 next week and love a Warzone session with the lads, all our girlfriends moan that we are on it for too long. I think they don't get how we enjoy it so much. I don't even know how I enjoy it so much cause I spend countless hours in gulag.

We just compromise now, I just go on it during the day when we are literally doing nothing, what is the point me watching something on the tv that I don't enjoy instead of playing videos games with the lads.

I just don't go on it for hours and hours, maybe 2/3 a day now.
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That's a bit mad,

I spend all day after work etc on call to my missus, even tho we dont talk we can still look at each other engage in conversations, while she's doing her thing and I'm doing mine.

I never have my headset on just because I dont want to even tho she says i can
(Jay before you say anything if you see this, yes it was before my mic broke im not avoiding talking to you, ill get one soon x)

but honestly you do your thing, and just engage in conversation every now and then, you dont have to constantly be talking, it gets to a point where you could go hours without talking, doesnt mean you dont love her just means you're doing your own thing, but honestly I would have words with her and just say look I want to play my games or go on social media every once in a while doesnt mean i dont love you, i'm still with you and imm still here but I just like to have time to myself as well to clear my mind or to game with the boys.

you just need an honest sit down with your partner and just tell her how you feel, nothing can go wrong,
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If you were met with "you don't love me unless you spend all your free time with me" your partner is seriously immature.

If you are spending no more than a couple hours a day gaming it shouldn't be an issue at all.

Just like above I will parrot that communication is your key and you need to be open. Just explain it's time with the boys.

Personally I am married and use cod as a way to connect with my buddies out of town or otherwise.
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That's not fair at all, simply tell her you need time to yourself to do what you enjoy. That doesn't mean you don't love her or don't wanna be around her.

That's **** up.
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I had a similar issue with my ex just constantly nagging even if i was going to the pub with mates, believe me that shit is toxic you need to sit down and have a serious talk with her and tell her that her behaviour is whack.

It's not your job to keep her entertained.
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