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whats up guys so im sure we all start it somewhere with gaming and im curious to see how many of you owned or played the iconic Nintendo 64 ?

Nintendo 64 was my first ever console system as in my home country we had them but very expensive until i had the chance for someone to bring me one from the states .. loved that game system i have so many favorites in there that i really wish they brought the system back or something similar to it .. yes i know theres an emulator for 64 to play the games on pc but i dont own a great computer so yea ..

if you did owned one which color did you had and what other color you woulda love to owned ? mines was the regular black console with a gray controller and a green transparent one !

- also .. what games did you played ? or any game that you liked but never played it ? here are some of my favs ..

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i had one! loved doom and star wars on it
brings back memories
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I used to have one back in the day. The purple clear one, I played SSB, Mario, cruising the USA, 007 golden eye, few others
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I think I had the teal one on the top right.
I played a ton of games on it. 007, Smash Bros., Wrestlemania/No Mercy, Turok, Super Mario 64, and Donkey Kong were some games I remember playing.
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Still have 5 of them packed away safely and one set up in the living room for my old man to play when he feels like it.

He loves his 007 but I always relive the nostalgia with some starfox or mario can't go wrong with either.
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I played N64 a few times but never owned one myself. I did own a gamecube tho and those were some of the funnest times of my childhood.

I mainly really played Ps2 back back then when I was a kid.
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Easily my favorite of all time. I actually just added one BACK to my collection after losing mine in 2008 due to a flood, and 3 of my favorite games (Super Mario 64, Mario Party 3, and Pokemon stadium). Invited my little brother over, fired it up and boy was that a nostalgia trip from heaven. The games absolutely still hold up, I mean I even got an HDMI adapter and they look good in 720p. It just takes me back having that goofy ass controller in my hand, all the split screen memories I made as a kid. Im definitely gonna have to add some more games, Quest 64, Rampage and NFL Blitz. Maybe even Goldeneye.
The N64 is a console that will probably always be able to bring people together, due to how great the game catalog and console were even for their time.. I think it's a console that could hold up even 10 or 15 years from now.

(Nintendo please give me the N64 collection for my Switch... please?)
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I had a black N64.

I played donkey Kong 64,Mario Kart 64, Yoshi's Story,Golden Eye 007, Tony hawks pro skater, toy story 2 and army men.
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I've never had one
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Never had one of my own but there were a few in my family, loved playing golden eye. That Pokmon one looks pretty sweet.
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