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Hi Everyone,

I'm Anthony, and I felt like introducing myself- instead of the usual plug.
So, I'm a gamer as early as sega genesis, came up through the ranks- Xbox, PS2, Etc.

I entered the online gaming community during the start of Modern Warfare 2- which fueled a new found love for FPS, something I wasn't good at, at first at least. Through the many years, and all the major title, there was always apart of me who wanted to create content.

Years pass, I grow a little family of my own, and obtain a really good paying job with Tesla.
During Corona Virus I wanted to pursue my little itsy bitsy itch to create.
Being on console primarily for the last decade posed it's challeges- but I set out on a mission.

I built myself a PC, and budgeted the rest, K&M, Montor, webcam, etc.
I've got a pretty nice set up now, and I've jumped head first into the PC community.

I am picking up K&M quicker than expected, and I am in the early stages, but am properly set up!
SO... come stop by the stream, ask me some questions, swap some stories? I'd love to here from you guys!

Here's a recent Clip!
Valorant Clip

I appreciate your time stopping by to read
Looking forward to seeing you guys around!

Find my stream below!

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Hey men welcome to the community also you might wanna ask a staff to move your topic to thw introduction forum
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