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Today marks 8 years that I've been on here and I can't believe it! It is also my second fathers day. Turkey is on the smoker and its a beautiful day. Happy fathers day to all the other dads on here

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Nice men congrats an happy fathers to you too im already firing up the grill !
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Congrats on 8 and happy Father's Day
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Aye congrats on the 8 years bud, and happy fathers day to you! See ya at 9.
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Congratulations on the 8 years man!
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Congrats man
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congrats on 8 bro. enjoy your fathers day my man. live it up!
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Congrats on 8 years beautiful!
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Aye congrats on the 8 years my friend! and Happy second fathers day to you! it is my second as well!
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Congrats on being here for 8 years man, i've not long hit 5 years but i couldn't be bothered making a post plus i wasn't active when i hit it so i didn't bother in the end lol.

Here's to many more years!
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