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Okay first off @Sean I love you

i finally hit 1k rep boys. i think im also very close to 50 gifts as well, ive known and been on TTG for around 8-9 years, i just had old accounts with no real meaning. this is by far my favorite forum site and ive been on quite a few. got hella drunk today and gifted some gold and hung out in @Kyle93 charity stream (sexy beast btw)

Huge thanks to all the shoutbox nerds and @Islandfarms especially today for dropping alot of gifts with me.

Also im 80% positive that @Ryan is kinda in love with me, just saying...


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i love me too
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And JE doesnt exist no more ... lol jk congrats buddy thanks for the rep !
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congrats buddy
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Congratulations on your milestones buddy.

See you at 2,000 posts and 1500 rep soon.

Thanks for the generous sb gifts.

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Congrats on your 2 milestones man, hope to see you here with more very soon!

Keep up the SB Gifts man, Generous asf
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Congrats man gave you the little rep that I can <3
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Would be a shame if you let all that rep go to waste Cough
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Congratulations on getting a purple block, lets keep the rep train going.
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That colour text hurts my eyes.

Congratulations brother

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