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I'm kinda late but ill explain why...

Back on December 19th 2019, I was in a pretty gnarly accident. Got T boned by a hummer who took a red light at about 60-70 MPH. was dragged for a little bit broke the TIB FIB in my leg and Radius in my arm, along with my bike crushing my leg killing my nerves throughout the leg. (Can i show pictures ? may be explicit don't wanna break any rules.) Had to learn to walk again how to use my hand and be normal again. i'm grateful to be alive and i was able to celebrate my 9 years on here but more importantly i was able to partake on my 22nd birthday. It's been a long journey but here i am able to tell my story being able to see the world in a whole new perspective. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this...

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Congratulations on 9 years.

Sorry to hear what happened to you but thank god the recovery seems to be going well.

Anyways man hope to see you around the community more, come chat it up in the shoutbox.

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Congrats on 9 years and sorry about that
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Congrats on the 9 my man..and congrats on the recovery and bday celebration! Glad you were able to push through the recovery..that must have been a mission.

Hope to see you around here more often!
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Glad your okay and well now ! Congrats on 9 long years brother ! See you around
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Congrats on 9 years man! See you at 10
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I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Stop by the shoutbox sometime, same people are typically in there and it's good times. Glad you recovered man. Feel free to add me
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Holy heck man that sounds awful. Glad you could push through, congrats on 9 years and your health!
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congrats on 9 years buddy
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Congratulations on hitting 9 years man!
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