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alright this my build had to take it apart cause its been a few years since i got it and here is the list, also a quick note i didn't built this myself i got someone else to pick out the part for and build it


if this is good enough description of the PC then i just want to get your opinion on what i should upgrade I'm mostly going for gaming like far cry 5 and Ark and some light editing this is the first time using forms and i don't know much how things work around here but anyways hope this is better to understand

Ps. any mouse i can get cause my old one is getting closer and closer to breaking anything you would recommend?

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A little more info would help: Forums/t=7787031/how-to-ask-for-b...dvice.html
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TTGxBANANAS wroteA little more info would help: Forums/t=7787031/how-to-ask-for-b...dvice.html

Definitely update this post and we would be able to help you a bit more.
With that being said, I personally went in the order of
1.GPU (cause no matter what you can use it as long as you have a psu big enough to power) $150-$800
2.upgraded ram (especially if you're upgrading from ddr3) you would want to get at least some 3000mhz ddr4 ram $50-$150
3.mobo/processor you don't have to get them at the same time but usually thats the case.. lol $200-$600
4.Case (optional depending on what you currently have) $30-$500

Side note, PSU (power supply) would be the first actual upgrade to make if you have a 500W or below. you can get a way better one for 50-70 bucks or get 1000 and pay $100-$150 or so

My prices have a wide range because there is a bunch of different combos/things you can do to get parts.

Once post is updated will give a better opinion on what upgrades to possibly do.
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What goals are you trying to achieve? Certain games? Etc?
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