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Afternoon all,

Just searching the call of duty section to see if I could get into any wins lobbies as I am slacking at the moment. *sigh*

If anyone wants to jump in a few games I have a 1.6KD - message me your Activision and we can run some games.

Apart from Warzone I enjoy a few other things such as Football (soccer), NFL (Cardinals), walking and running!

I couldn't think of a username that wasn't taken - so with what's happening I took this one.

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Welcome to the site man! dont touch me tho i dont wanna get sick
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Mike wroteWelcome to the site man! dont touch me tho i dont wanna get sick

Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated.
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Hey! Welcome to TTG.

Make sure to read the Rules.

Also, come hang out with us in the Shoutbox.
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Welcome to TTG
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Welcome to TTG bro ! Please dont sneeze in the SB and wear a mask! Haha cool name i wpulda never thought it was not taken !
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Welcome to the site! Hope you stick around
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Welcome to the site brotha.
Hope to see you stick around the forums!

If you play on pc id be happy to play some red dead with you
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Welcome to the forum mate!
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Welcome to the site.

Cool to see covid was available.

Hope to see you around the forums.
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