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hosting modern warfare bot lobbies today

Message me for more information and to be added

Also prices vary depending on if you want kills or time

1. Send a PM if you are interested in my services to discuss payment method. Then we will need to verify payment.

2. Please try to respond quickly when messaged as if i have a lot of orders it will be difficult to wait, if you take longer than 10 minutes i will skip you and come back to you.

3. MAP AND GAME MODE. Map is dealers choice or what we can load into. Game mode is SnD, an extra charge will be added to change game mode of £3.

4. Bot lobbys are the only service i provide

5. If you disconnect, I will restart the lobby and the time will continue from the time of disconnection if any.


Solo Bot Lobbies

500 Kills - £3 (Call in Nuke) (Add £2 for each friend)

1000 kills - £5 (Call in Nuke) (Add £2 for each friend)

2000 kills - £10 (Call in Nuke) (Add £2 for each friend)

4000 Kills - £18 (Call in Nuke) (Add £2 for each friend)

6hr consecutive time to yourself £35 and to bring as many friends as you want £40. (Only sell 1 slot per day hosting)

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I would like to purchase an hour lobby
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