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For those who have played the trial of Sessions, what do you think? Will you buy it when it's released? Pros? Cons?

For anyone that hasn't played it, but loves skateboarding games, download it and give it a go. It's like a knock off but updated Skate 3... in a way. You get to skate around New York in a few trial maps including a map created by Creature. Customizable character (though limited), in your own apartment. The trial only lets you play for 2hrs but you get a good feel for it.

My opinions: It has potential. The graphics are looking solid for the most part, like I'd imagine a remastered Skate 3 would look like. I played on legacy controls and felt pretty comfortable. Similar to hardcore on Skate 3, just slower and more complex. The camera settings are weird but would just take time to get used to. I adjusted them a ton but found some solid settings. The playback editor has a TON of potential. The trial is an early stage version so it doesn't work all that well, but the way you'll be able to create clips and montages all at once will be crazy.
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